Palmetto Schools History White Concrete Building

This building was built in 1923 facing east along 9th Avenue between 7th and 8th Streets. Over the years it was used as a high school, a junior high, and an elementary school.

A cafeteria building (1934) was situated just west (behind this building), a Home Economics building just across 8th St. to the north, and a gymnasium (1935) just across 8th St. to the northeast. Just west of the gym sat the "little kindergarten" building (1920's cottage moved here in 1936) now located at Palmetto Historical Park. (see Other Buildings)

Photograph of white concrete school building
Image from Palmetto Leaves
Photograph of white concrete building scanned in from Palmetto Elementary 1977-1978 Yearbook
Image - Palmetto Elementary Yearbook for 1977-78
A "School Building Survey" around 1947 describes this building as a "...two-story building whose outer walls are of hollow tile covered with stucco. The first floor contains the principal's office, three classrooms, and a library. The upper floor contains an auditorium space which is now being used as a study hall, and five classrooms."

At the time of the survey above, this building was used as the Senior High School. The survey continues:

"Access to the second floor is by means of open concrete stairways at each end of the building. The toilets are located at the opposite ends of the building, halfway between the first and second floors. Entrance to the toilets is by means of the stair landing."

The first page of the Palmetto Elementary Yearbook for 1977-78 shows this building in three stages of demolition.

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