Palmetto Grammar / Frankie A. Howze School


The School Building Survey of 1947 describes this building as a two-story stucco over hollow tile structure erected in 1926.

It contains ten classrooms and an auditorium.

The classrooms are arranged on the lower floor along a corridor extending the width of the building. Access to the second floor is provided by two interior wooden stairways, to the right and left of the main entrance.

The second floor classrooms are on both sides of the corridor. Two classroms in the middle over the auditorium are built on a level approximately two feet higher...Fire excapes are provided at the two ends of the building. The interior walls...are metal lathing and plaster.

Sketch image of front door of Frankie Howze School from the Palmetto Historical Commission
Photos from Palmetto Historical Commission
Originally designated as Palmetto Grammar School, it was later dedicated as the Frankie A. Howze School, and a plaque was placed above the center archway on the front (south) of the building above the main entrance.

This plaque is now located at the entrance to the "Phase Two" building along the circular driveway off 8th St. on the north side. (At one point the front, now the back, of the school.)

This building was last used during the 1976-77 school year, and was demolished to make way for the new "Frankie Howze Building" dedicated April 1, 1979.

Photo from Palmetto Historical Commission

Frankie A. Howze and teachers in 1934

Seated L. to R. - Top

Mary Lou Harllee, L.A. Rawls, Principal Frankie A, Howze, L.I. Sims, Helen King Mathis, Iva Rowlett

Seated L. to R. - Bottom

Ruth Horne, Francis Earle Gamble, Mary Louise Whisenant Clark,
Ella Bell, Edith Plummer

Photo by Pat Willingham

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