Palmetto Elementary School History Principals Page

All grade levels were together at one site until Palmetto High consolidated with Bradenton first in 1909-1912 and again in 1947-1956. Consequently, one "supervising" principal may have served all levels. For at least some of the time there was an "elementary" principal as well.

Most of the following names and dates were found in back issues of The Palmetto News and in old Palmetto yearbooks donated to the Historical Commission. Frankie Howze was listed in Abel's 100 Years in Palmetto. Larry Simmons assisted with his dates and Burt Woodson's name, and Lorraine Riker, a popular long-time school secretary, graciously provided Glenna Shields' dates. Gaps still remain.

Frankie A. Howze 1889-1930's? or 1940's?

R.L. French and Cora B. Anthony 1915-16

Albert Haynes Flowers 1921
Oscar Smith 1922-37
Watson Perry Davidson 1938-40
William Marion Sult 1941
William Marion Sult & John Hamilton Boulware (HS) & Miss L.E. Jones (Elem.) 1942
John Hamilton Boulware & Miss L.E. Jones (Elem.) 1943
John Hamilton Boulware 1944-46
Oscar Smith, SR 1947-48
Mark H. W. Morse 1949-51
Phillip Walker 1952-54
Phillip Walker & Lenore Yow (Elem.) 1955
Phillip Walker 1956-57
Phillip Walker & Allen Perny Elem.) 1958

Burt Woodson 19??-72
Larry Simmons 1972-88
Glenna Shields 1988-95
Mike Rio 1995-2004
Ed Hundley 2004-present