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                                          SENIOR EDITION
                                                                            TIGER TIMES


    Palmetto High School                   June, 1971                Palmetto, Florida

I, Andy Howell, will my seat on the sink in senior bathroom to Willis
I, Rick Hindman, will what little I have to Bill Konecy.
I, Darlene Markel, will my brains to Donna Shaphen and my seat in Home
    Room to whoever makes it to 12th grade.
I, Barbara Head, will to Diane Willis another wonderful year with Mr.
I, Kim Stinson, will all my DCT notes to Diane Willis.
I, Lynda Harvey, will my seat in home room to Luerine Calloway.
I, Elaine Buscaino, will my shorthand pen to Debbie Taylor.
I, Gene Gibson, will to Mike Billeris my parachute.
I, Beth Bryant, will my crownship to the Future Homecoming Queen, '72
I, Diane Murphy, will my space in Burkhardt's back room to Sharon Wil-
I, Joy Ponder, being of sound mind, will my seat in the front row to
    the lucky treasurer of next year.
I, Veenie Bomar, being of sound mind, will my Tigerette boots to Lois
I, Dot Renzi, will Shelley Knight my shells.
I, Barbara Chaney, will my creative writing note book to anyone who
    will promise to burn it slowly.
I, Jim Combs, will my seat in Algebra III to any poor sucker who will
    take it.
I, Kenneth Bright, will the DECA reporters camera flashcubes and all to
    the next DECA reporter without film.
I, Marji Charles, being of little body and no mind, will my Jouralism
    grades for this year to Lee Cool.
I, Joseph William Clark, will my 40 page Marine Biology report to the
    highest bidder.
I, Patsy Boyle, will my wig "George" to Mr. Donald Burkhardt.
I, Jan Ball, will my last name to anyone who wants it.
I, Rick Bero, will a pair of track shoes, size 10, to anyone.
I, Carolyn Taylor, will to Mary Barton my seat in Mrs. Riggs class.
I, Anthony Dunbar, will my interest in football and parties to Henry
I, Duke Courtney, will my mind to the future head people of Palmetto
    High School.
I, Samuel Bailey, will all my basketball skills to Archie Mathis.
I, Ray Dorsett, will my used Bic pen to Miss Willingham.
I, Lora Conner, will this chopped up chair in homeroom to the clod
    that did it.
I, Sherry Joyner, will to Jean Murrell my seat in homeroom and any good
    grades in AVC.
I, Billy Banks, will everything to my Mother.
I, Marylin Grimes, will to Susan Chennault my used chair in homeroom.
I, Louise Justice, will my housing project to Arlene Taylor.
I, Allen Albritton, being of a real good sound mind, and body, here by
    will my good humor, talented charm and girl crazy attitude, not (CONT)

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