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     Palmetto High School                                        June, 1971                                        Palmetto, Florida
Sr. Will CON'T. [Page 2]
to mention my athletic ability to anybody who              I, Jimmy Kersey, will my FFA notes to
    will have them.                                                                Mona Strickland.
I, Shelley Knight, will my band-aids, mouth-                 I, Kathy Liner, will my brains in aco-
    wash, toothpaste and aspirin to next year's                  counting to Bobbie Keever.
    cheerleaders.                                                               I, Sandy Jones, will my birthstone rings
I, Luverne Cooper, Jr., will my flashing speed                  to Bobbi Chaney.
    to Willie Cheaves and my scholastic ability               I, Harry Teideman, will my box of prunes to
    Bobby Mitchell.                                                               to Miss Willingham.
I, Ronald Johnson, will my skill in basketball                I, Bobby Stinson, will my football pos-
    to Greg Buchanan and hope it brings him                      ition to Glen Church.
    good luck.                                                                     I, Bunny McBrayer, will my chair, row 14
I, Gail Hunt, will a copy of my Marine Biology                  to a worthy junior.
    term paper(50 pages)to some student who un-           I, Keith Smith, will my football ability
    knowingly signs up for that course.                                 to Dale Hill.
I, Joe Kanzler, will my physics notes to anyone             I, Curtis Sims, will my pass catching
    who can find them and is stupid enough to                      ability to Dale Lowman.
    take a course like that.                                                 I, Andrea Jones, will all my yoga books
I, Steve Litschauer, will my accounting work to                  to Mr. Pohns.
    to Lucilla Garcia.                                                          I, Butch Stewart, will my ability to get
I, Roy Thornton, will my new shoes to Mr. Den-                out of class to Ricky Stewart.
    nison who is in desperate need of new shoes.             I, Bobbi Stewart, will my ability to sneak
I, Carlos Pargen, will one sponge to Mr. Big-                     around the halls without getting caught
    heart in which is now in his chemistry room.                    to Donna Johnson.
I, Don Passwaiter, will the 100 wing smoking                  We, the members of the 3rd period AVC,
    lounge to the underclassmen.                                            will to Miss Willingham all our prunes.
I, Frieda Massengale, will all my Shorthand
    notes to Pam Parrish.                                             --------------------------------------------------------------------
I, Sandy McLaughlin, will my cooking ability to                   MOCK AWARDS TO SENIORS.
    Karen Henson.                                                                    none of these are all true-but
I, Bruce Trace, will Claudia Sylvester one pair                    are very close. We apologize to
    of orange shorts.                                                                 anyone who is offended by the
I, Carl Standard, will my name to the juniors.                       awards.
I, Dennis Shuman, will all the hair in Palmetto
    to Mr. Bills.                                                             BEST LOOKING-Allen Albritton-Kathy Liner
I, K.C. West, will all my Motor Cycle magazines     MOST POPULAR-Jeb Cofer-Luann Knopp
    to Bobby Stinson and all my 3's and F's to            BEST ALL AROUND-Joe Kanzler-Janet Ball
    Mrs.Swatzell.                                                           BEST DRESSED-Herman Haynes-Debbie Romano
I, Karen Hamilton, will to Mike Billeris the              GREATEST LOVER-James Gordon
    pose duty of 4th period library.                              CLASS MUSICIANS-Brad Braden-Debbie Reichert
I, Norma Mathews, will the dictation tapes (esp.      MOST FLIRTATOUS-Diane Murphy-David Greer
    120-140vch) to all the poor kids in Short-              CLASS ORATOR-Keyno McCloud
    hand II next year.                                                    JOLLIEST-Don Passwaiter-Terry Banks
I, Brenda Kersey, will my special pen with                BEST DANCER-Glenn Markos-Vickie Hill
    wheels to Arlene Taylor.                                         BEST AHLETE-Keith Smith-Debbie Revell
I, Walter Mathis, will my seat in Dr. HR to the        MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED-Brian Hoopingarner
    lucky senior of '72 who sits there.                                                                               -Patsy Boyle
I, Alton Emerson Murray, will my football num-       MOST COURTEOUS-Carlos Pargen-Dot Renzi
    ber to Leon Wether '23'.                                         MOST STUDIOUS-Steve Wilsher-Shelley Knight
I, James Gordon, will my common sense to Greg      LATE FOR EVERYTHING-Billy Banks
    Buchannan because he doesn't seem to use          BEST ACTOR/ACTRESS-Scott Huffman
    any.                                                                                                                       -Joyce Taylor
I, Bill McCarthy, will my life and soul to Bun-           CUTEST COUPLE-Beth Bryant and John Mizell
    ny McBrayer.                                                           MOST FRIENDLY-Scott Huffman-Sharon Willis
I, Keyno McCloud, will my beliefs to the class          SEXIEST-Jane Fleming
    of '72.                                                                        MOST BRAWN-K.C. West-Renee Lequia
I, John Mizell, will my parking space to Wayne         BIGGEST WOLF-Rick Yradebra
    Beck.                                                                         MOST BASHFUL-Andy Howell-Darlene Markel
I, Glenn Markos, will my official personalized           MOST INTELLIGENT-Caleb Grimes-Liz Tresca
    Idiot Squad uniform and tennies to Coach              --------------------------------------------------------------------
    Heath.                                                                        Class Song-'Tell it All'
I, Douglas Crouse, will to Mr. Giannotes the              Class Motto-'We do not look back in anger
    remnants of my beer cellar.                                       nor around in fear, but around in awareness'
                                                                                        Class Flower-Yellow Rose

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