Palmetto Schools History Red Brick Building

The red brick school building was erected in 1912 along the east side of 10th Avenue between 7th and 8th Streets. The two-story wooden Palmetto Academy building was moved from the site to accommodate its construction.

This building consisted of two stories and a basement. The basement was used to house the furnace, and for physical education, showers, dressing rooms, and restrooms.

Interior wooden staircases connected all the floors, with classrooms on floor one, more classrooms and a small auditorium and stage on floor two.

Metal fire escapes from the top floor were provided on both the north and south sides. Large cement steps provided access to the first floor at the front (west) side of the building, and on either side of these cement stairwells provided access to the basement.

When two other two-story buildings were built on the one-square block site during this time, the red brick building was used as the Junior High.

The red brick building was used until it was torn down in 1959. The plaque indicating the year construction was completed, the builder, and the names of school officials is presently located in the old Carneige Library building on 10th Avenue, presently part of Palmetto's Heritage Park.

Images from 1921, 1924 Palmetto Leaves
Photograph of plaque on old red brick building
Photo by Pat Willingham

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